2 Freddy43 releases in new Mistigris Artpack!

I’m happy to announce that i could contribute 2 releases to the 21st Artpack ‘MIST1015.zip’ from the famous oldskool ASCII/ANSI artgroup MISTIGRIS. It is containing the earlier released ‘textmode’-video called Ascii/Ofniet, an ASCII based videoclip for the track Ofbeat/Ofniet. And a B̲R̲A̲N̲D̲ N̲E̲W̲ song called ‘Releases 4 Free‘, a small preview for an (still secret) upcoming new FREDDY43 album ;))

Browse the pack online @ http://pc.textmod.es/pack/mist1015 & search for F43. Make sure you also check out the rest of the package, cause its full of freshness!

Following 16 years in the wilderness, area code 604’s underground computer art group Mistigris unexpectedly returned to life in October of 2014; one year later, over 50 artists (including guests from ACiD and Blocktronics) celebrate with over 100 artworks in a 216-meg artpack release including traditional textmode art (and non-traditional — PETSCII, Shift JIS, teletext and typewriter art) as well as new frontiers for artpacks: photography, painting, sculpture, digital video, and even a textile work. All that plus an hour and a half of music! Some submissions are lost & unreleased Amiga works dating to the early ’90s and even late ’80s, while others were made last week, but the sum of the enterprise is technologically timeless.

✱Download the Artpack @ http://mistigris.org/
✱Or browse online @ http://pc.textmod.es/pack/mist1015/