Vinex Looper video online!

I made a videoclip for ‘Vinex Looper’, the 2nd track from EP01.
The idea for the video was born on a bicycle trip in Leidsche Rijn, a great example of a vinex-location in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Vinex-locations (or vinex-neighborhoods as we say in Dutch) are relatively modern build suburbs at the outskirts of some of the bigger cities in The Netherlands (e.g Utrecht, Amsterdam). While cycling through such a neighborhood i got inspired by the repeating patterns of the local architecture. Some streets seemed like endless loops to me. Because most of my music is loop-based also, i found this an interesting starting point to make music too. The Vinex Looper video, in essence, is an ode to the repetitive patterns & constructions that can be found nowadays in the architecture of a lot of these modern neighborhoods in The Netherlands.

The video was shot in Utrecht Leidsche-Rijn and Almere Oostvaarders and was filmed from a bike. Be sure to check in 2K resolution!