EP01 (2016)

EP01 is the first EP in a series of three that will be released via Amsterdam based record label 'Basserk' in the near future. It consists of 4 'abstract-electronic' tracks inspired by the repetitive urban environment. For the 1st track, the boys from Basserk made a videoclip. For the 2nd track 'Vinex Looper' i made a video myself.

  Videoclip for 'Nulrunner', made by Basserk.



Vinex Looper

The idea for this video was born on a bicycle trip in Leidsche Rijn, a great example of a vinex-location in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Vinex-locations (or vinex-neighborhoods as we say in Dutch) are relatively modern build suburbs at the outskirts of some of the bigger cities in The Netherlands (e.g Utrecht, Amsterdam). While cycling through such a neighborhood i got inspired by the repeating patterns of the local architecture. Some streets seemed like endless loops to me. Because most of my music is loop-based also, i found this an interesting starting point to make music too. The Vinex Looper video, in essence, is an ode to the repetitive patterns and constructions that can be found nowadays in the architecture of a lot of these newly build neighborhoods in The Netherlands.

The video was shot in Utrecht Leidsche-Rijn and Almere Oostvaarders and filmed from a typical Dutch vehicle, a bike.


What is a Vinex location?

Vinex ("Vierde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening Extra", translates as Fourth Memorandum Spatial Planning Extra), is a policy briefing note of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (Ministry of VROM) released in 1988. Large outer city areas were pointed out by the policy for massive new housing development. Vinex-locations, or Vinex-neighborhoods (as we say in Dutch) are for that reason relative newly build suburbs with quiet modern architecture.